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Best international Adult Affiliate Programs

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You want to earn money with your adult website? On this page we give you tips how to do so and show you the best erotic affiliate programs for your adult traffic.

Adult webmaster can choose between the following commission types to convert their adult traffic:

  1. CPL and CPO: This is a performance based form of compensation. Webmasters get a share of the generated revenues (usually called CPO = cost per order) or get paid for generating leads (usually called CPL = cost per lead). A "lead" is usually a signup of a new user. These two kind of compensations are dominating the adult online business.
  2. CPC and CPM: A few adult ad networks pay for clicks (CPC = cost per click) or views (CPM = cost per mille). Webmaster get a fixed amount per insertion of an advertisement (eg. popup or layer ad) or per click on an adult ad (eg. banner or text link).

But don't forget you mobile adult traffic! Mobile adult marketing is getting more and more important.

First of all we show you Top adult affilate programs that pay you for leads and sales, then we show you CPC/CPM advertising networks for adult traffic. Last but not least we show you some well-paying partnerprograms for your German adult traffic.

Our Top 10 for international adult traffic (CPL & CPO):

CrakRevenue is a premium-performance CPA platform

CrakRevenue (top-conversions!)

Minimum Payout: $ 100 - (proof of payment)
Portfolio: > 30 pages (Adult Paysites, Cams, Dating, Games, Health Products)

Datetronix affiliate program for adult-dating


Minimum Payout: $ 100
Portfolio: Interactive 3D Sex-Games like chathouse3d, 3d-sexgames or hentai3d)

Camsense adult Affiliate Programm


Minimum Payout: $ 100 - (proof of payment)
Portfolio: and 11 other pages

iStripper Affiliates - Affiliate Program Network for

iStripper Affiliates

Minimum Payout: $ 50
Portfolio: Strip-Software

Datetronix affiliate program for adult-dating


Minimum Payout: $ 100
Portfolio: 3 adult-dating sites (, &

vipoffers partnerprogram


Minimum Payout: $ 1.000
Portfolio: online games; Dating; VR; cams

BongaCash: affiliate program for bongacams


Minimum Payout: $ 200
Portfolio: BongaCams (= international Cam Portal)

convert your adult traffic with adult webmaster empire


Minimum Payout: $ 100
Portfolio: very big Webcam pages like, and 8 more sites

Plugrush Adult Affiliate Program


Minimum Payout: $ 25
Portfolio: adult traffic network where you can buy, sell and trade traffic

Our Top 4 for international adult traffic (CPC & CPM) Werbnetzerk


Minimum Payout: 20 Euro
Webmaster-Interface available in: | | adult and gambling oriented ad network


Minimum Payout: 50 Euro
Webmaster-Interface available in:

JuicyAds: CPC and CPM commission for adult websites


Minimum Payout: 25 Euro
Available in:

Eroadvertising: The adult advertising network


Minimum Payout: 10 Euro
Available in: | | | | | | ...

Our Top 3 for german adult traffic: Adult-Partnerprogramm


Minimum Payout: 50 Euro
Available in: | Adult Partnerprogramm


Minimum Payout: 25 Euro
Available in: |

CamPartner - Erotik Partnerprogramm


Minimum Payout: 50 Euro
Available in: |

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>> Find the best mobile adult partnerprograms
>> Find high paying NON-ADULT CPM advertising networks
>> Earn Money as a camgirl or erotic model

Top Adult affiliate programs:

1. CrakRevenue Zur Anbieterwebseite
4.38 ****
2. Big7 Partnerpro... Zur Anbieterwebseite
4.03 ****
3. Campartner Zur Anbieterwebseite
4.00 ****
4. CashDorado Zur Anbieterwebseite
3.99 ****
5. VX-Cash Zur Anbieterwebseite
3.92 ****
6. ExoClick Zur Anbieterwebseite
3.91 ****
7. 777partner Zur Anbieterwebseite
3.86 ****
8. BrokerBabe Zur Anbieterwebseite
3.80 ****
9. PhoneCash Zur Anbieterwebseite
3.78 ****
10. Datingpartner Zur Anbieterwebseite
3.67 ***